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a European-quality condo on a rare direct seafront plot,
to own and pass on


  • Who else sells you a direct seafront condo, which is low rise and meets European finishing standards?
  • Who else offers large canopies so you can enjoy sea views from the shade of a large, private terrace?
  • Who else spends on ecology to lower your energy fees, or pushes quality to reduce your maintenance?
  • Who else builds double-block walls and imbeds sanitary pipes in sand to offer you peace and privacy?
  • Who else invests in post-tension structures today to anticipate and favour your remodeling tomorrow?

All this comes cumulated in a single project – ONLY at PURE.  We have invested to create VALUE for you.



eco-friendly design increases comfort and privacy


  • Insulated cavity walls AND sand-covered roofs keep the cool in and the heat out
  • Cross-ventilation allows natural wind-cooling to occur
  • Open stairways avoid costly air-con in common areas
  • Cantilevered canopies offer agreeable shade and privacy
  • Semi-underground shops allow "cool" shopping



eco-friendly technology limits the impact on nature and lowers owner's electricity bills


  • Our LED lights save up to 80% electricity and last up to 15-times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • Our elevator-engines travel with the lift cabin to cut energy use by up to 40%
  • Our maintenance-free Astroturf greens eliminate unnecessary watering and gardening costs



resources management reduces pollution and saves cost


  • Rain water is collected and stored in big cool underground reservoirs (over a million litres)
  • Gardening water consumption is lowered through the use of Astroturf
  • Fresh water back-up is available from a 120 metre-deep underground well
  • Used domestic water is recycled to keep gardens green



security and self-sufficiency


  • Security guards are specially trained on site
  • Two separate sets of guarded gates secure the estate's access
  • Fresh water back-up is available from a 120 metre-deep underground well
  • High-voltage electricity is transformed on site
  • A back-up generator kicks in during blackouts


As PURE's comfort is ecologically sustainable, you can indulge in luxury with peace of mind.